Employees based at INR's Portland office, located at Portland State University.

Lindsey Wise

Photo of Lindsey Wise
Biodiversity Data Manager

Lindsey works on a variety of projects with INR and the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center, including managing species occurrence information, creating and maintaining ecological datasets, and organizing data transfers. Lindsey also acts as the Data Administrator for the Oregon iMapInvasives site (http://imapinvasives.org/orimi/map/) which allows managers and interested citizens to track invasive species observations and management actions online. Outside of the data world she also works as a botanist collecting species and ecological information in the field. Lindsey started at INR as an AmeriCorps volunteer and has previously worked at Mount Rainier National Park and the Oregon Department of Agriculture. 

Emilie Henderson

Photo of Emilie Henderson
Ecological Modeling Team Lead

Emilie's research interests include modeling broad-scale patterns in plant communities, as they relate to environmental gradients, and disturbance history. These research interests apply practically to building predictive vegetation maps and models and she is currently the Ecological Modeling Team Lead for the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project. Before coming to INR, Emilie was a postdoctoral researcher with the Landscape Ecology, Modeling, Mapping and Analysis laboratory in OSU's Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society.

Eleanor Gaines

Photo of Eleanor Gaines
Zoology Projects Manager

Eleanor is the Zoology Projects Manager for the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center and is responsible for the program’s vertebrate and invertebrate data. She currently coordinates a multi-agency project to monitor Western Snowy Plovers along the Oregon coast. Recent projects have included developing wildlife distribution maps for ODFW's Comprehensive Wildlife Plan and regional Gap Analysis assessments. She also works with USFWS and Oregon Division of State Lands to coordinate invertebrate section 6 funding.

Blair Csuti

Photo of Blair Csuti
Wildlife/Conservation Biologist

Blair Csuti is on assignment with INR’s Portland staff. He worked on western conservation projects for The Nature Conservancy, spent a year at Stanford’s Center for Conservation Biology, and was principal investigator of Oregon’s Gap Analysis Project for the University of Idaho. Prior to joining OSU’s College of Forestry, he coordinated the Oregon Zoo’s conservation and science programs. He also helps teach conservation biology at Portland State University.

Megan Creutzburg

Photo of Megan Creutzburg
Research Faculty
Portland State University

Megan is working on the Climate, Management and Habitat project at INR, using state-and-transition models to project management and climate change effects on sagebrush vegetation and potential sage-grouse habitat in eastern Oregon. She is also working in the Department of Environmental Science and Management on a project using the LANDIS-II forest simulation model to project the effects of management and climate change on carbon storage and sustainability in the Oregon Coast Range. See her PSU website for more information on both projects: https://sites.google.com/a/pdx.edu/dynamic-ecosystems-landscape-lab/people/megan-creutzburg.

She previously worked on the INR team as a Modeling Analyst developing state-and-transition models for arid lands in Washington, Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico as part of the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project (http://oregonstate.edu/inr/ilap). Before working for INR, she completed her dissertation research at Utah State University studying the ecological effects of plant genetic diversity, and worked for The Nature Conservancy using landscape vegetation models to project change in rangeland vegetation. 

John Christy

Photo of John Christy
Wetlands Ecologist

John's specialties are wetland community ecology, bryophytes, and historical ecology. His major duties include wetland vegetation classification and conservation, tracking statewide occurrences of rare nonvascular plants and rare wetland plant associations, and mapping and documenting historic vegetation in Oregon. He has worked for the Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center since 1989.

Joe Bernert

Photo of Joe Bernert
Database and GIS Manager

Joe coordinates the GIS staff on the Integrated Landscape Assessment Project. Joe has worked doing statistical analyses for the Environmental Protection Agency for 2 years, as the lead GIS/statistician an environmental consulting firm for 10 years and doing GIS analysis the State of Oregon for over 10 years. His research interests are GIS and statistics.

Cliff Alton

Photo of Cliff Alton
Information Systems Manager

As the Information Systems Manager and Environmental Review Biologist, Cliff is responsible for distributing data to environmental consultants and public agencies for environmental reviews and maintaining information systems for ORNHIC.

Jimmy Kagan

Photo of Jimmy Kagan
INR-Portland ORBIC Director

Since 1986, Jimmy Kagan has been the Director of the Oregon Biodiversity Information Center (previously called the Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center) where he oversees botanical and ecologic inventories for Oregon. Jimmy also worked for The Nature Conservancy for several years as the staff ecologist and botanist. His research interests include biodiversity planning and management.

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