INR Portland

The Institute for Natural Resources-Portland (INR-Portland) is part of the Oregon University System's Institute for Natural Resources (INR) based at Oregon State University (OSU) in Corvallis.  INR was created by OSU and the Oregon Legislature in 2001 as an independent institute in the OSU Research Office.  In May 2010, INR-Portland relocated from a downtown office of The Nature Conservancy to Portland State University.  INR-Portland is part of PSU's School of the Environment within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

INR-Portland staff work closely with staff at INR-Corvallis to increase the utility of integrated, science-based information in the development and understanding of natural resource and environmental policy.  To learn more about INR-Portland, read about who we are.

Our Programs

INR-Portland contains three main programs:


Housing and maintaining Oregon's most comprehensive database on rare, threatened, endangered, and invasive species throughout Oregon in support of biodiversity conservation and informed decision-making.

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Providing a decision support framework and integrated landscape level data and tools to help natural resource managers and decision-makers make the best use of available information.

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Ensuring that a comprehensive network of lands representing each of Oregon's ecosystems is available for research and education.

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Contact Information

Our offices are located at 2118 SW 5th Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201

Mailing address:

Institute for Natural Resources / INR
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

phone: 503.725.9950
fax: 503.725.9960