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At the Crossroads

Sustaining Oregon's Forests in a Rapidly Changing World



Conference and Workshop - November 6-7, 2007
Oregon State University - CH2M Hill Alumni Center
Corvallis, Oregon

Oregon is rightfully known for its forests and the rich and diverse roles they play in Oregon life. Over time, Oregonians have come to value these forests highly for their ecological, economic, recreational, spiritual, and other contributions.

But many Oregonians may not be aware of how quickly changes in regulations and incentives, demographics, global markets, and climate change are affecting Oregon forests, or of how these changes may impact Oregon’s unique quality of life.

The 2007 At the Crossroads conference promoted greater awareness of the multiple benefits that Oregon’s forests produce- from timber products and recreation to ecosystem services such as wildlife habitat, clean air and water. The conference was also a venue to seek and incubate common ground for maintaining these forest benefits in the face of unprecedented threats.

We took this opportunity to engage thoughtful people in constructive dialogue about the role different forestland management emphases and ownerships play in the state’s economy, environment and community vitality.

The conference was also a prime opportunity to assess implications of existing policies regarding forest stewardship and governmental roles, as well as potential policy changes. Several recent conferences and workshops had addressed various trends related to the future of Oregon’s forests. The 2007 At the Crossroads conference integrated and built on these themes.

The ultimate goal of the 2007 At the Crossroads Conference was to bring new and traditional constituents into discussions of how to ensure that Oregon’s forestlands remain intact and healthy so that they can continue to provide the benefits that Oregonians expect and value for decades to come.


A gathering of leading thinkers who outlined our strategic choices At the Crossroads

John Gordon

National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry

Gail Kimbell
Chief of the US Forest Service

Marvin Brown
State Forester for the Oregon Department of Forestry

Gary Hartshorn
President and CEO of the World Forestry Center

Laurie Wayburn
President of the Pacific Forest Trust

Steve Hobbs
Chair of the Oregon Board of Forestry

Mike Houck
Executive Director of the Urban Greenspaces Institute

among others...