Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit

Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit Partnering with federal agencies, universities and other institutions for research, technical assistance, and education to enhance understanding and management of natural and cultural resources.

Managing federal lands and waters is complex. Agencies’ responsibilities overlap across jurisdictions and authorities, and agencies’ priorities sometimes conflict with others’. Effective stewardship of federal lands requires agencies to work across boundaries cooperatively.   

Recognizing that cooperation can be aided by science, INR as a member of the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU) helps to provide technical assistance to federal, state, and tribal agencies. Technical assistance is a key part of the goal of the CESU National Network, which was established “to improve the scientific base for managing federal lands by providing resource managers with high-quality scientific research, technical assistance, and education through working partnerships involving federal agencies, universities, tribal groups, state agencies, and nongovernmental organizations”.  

The Pacific Northwest CESU, hosted by the University of Washington, includes Oregon State University, Portland State University, the University of Oregon, and Southern Oregon University among its 17 academic institutions, one state agency, and ten federal land management and natural resource research agencies. Over 250 biological, physical, social, cultural and interdisciplinary sciences projects have been funded through the PNW CESU Cooperative Agreement since it began in October 2000.


  • represents OSU at PNW-CESU meetings;
  • assists in matching the agencies' research, technical assistance, and education needs with OSU faculty assistance; and
  • helps advise OSU faculty regarding the development of scopes of work with PNW CESU-affiliated faculty.

INR also represents OSU within the Colorado Plateau CESU network.


See the PNW CESU Site, the Colorado Plateau CESU Site,
and the National Network CESU Site.

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