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The MU Inclusive Community Initiative invites you to join our new Learning Community! 

The Memorial Union Leadership Team has made a commitment to develop into a multicultural, socially just organization, which strives to achieve inclusivity both in interpersonal relations and in organizational processes. This vision of a multicultural organization is one in which there is value placed on the full and equal participation of all of its members.

In the coming year, we will be doing self-evaluation, gathering input, and listening to concerns so that we can collectively define community and how we want to create it together. We will then build a plan integrating professional development opportunities, yearly training for student staff, and adjustments to the facilities, programs, and infrastructure of the organization as needed.



Contact Info

Inclusive Community Initiative Becky Evans, Cultural Programs Coordinator Rebecca.Evans@oregonstate.edu Memorial Union 103 Phone: 541.737.0760
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