Presentations & Workshops

Presentations & Workshops

The HSRC staff offers many presentations to spread awareness and education about issues related to poverty, food insecurity, hunger, and homelessness. We believe that increasing education around these issues will create a more diverse, inclusive, and aware OSU community and campus.

Below are some of the presentations we have available. We will do a facilitation for your group (OSU organizations, departments, staff, and students) at no cost. If you would like to request a facilitation, read through the descriptions below and fill out our request form.


  1. Poverty Primer- What is poverty? What are the different types of poverty? How does poverty operate in our society and how does it effect our education?
  2. Survival Skills at OSU- Imagine (or perhaps you don’t have to imagine) that you are on OSU (or another) campus and are lacking sufficient resources – ie. money, food, shelter. How would you manage life at OSU? Do you know what resources are available? Do you know where you can get a meal? A shower?
  3. Working With & Supporting Students in Poverty- Participants will gain an understanding of poverty, including situational poverty and generational poverty, and will learn how these types of poverty affect students. Participants will develop a consciousness around the hidden nature of poverty and how know to consider it as a potential issue when dealing with students on campus. Participants will be able to identify barriers faced by students in poverty as they seek to get an education. Participants will learn strategies for working with, and supporting students in poverty


  1. HSRC 101- What is the HSRC? How can it help? What resources does it offer students? Learn about the HSRC, the resources we offer, and the ways in which students can get involved.
  2. Food Pantry 101- Do you know about the OSU Emergency Food Pantry? If a student needed information on it, would you be able to point them in the right direction? In addition to serving students who need food, the OSU Emergency Food Pantry also allows the OSU community to get involved through donations and volunteering. Find out about the Food Pantry today!

If you'd like to request a facilitation of one of our presentations or workshops, please fill out the form below. If you have questions, call 541-737-3747 or email hsrc@oregonstate.edu.

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