FAQs regarding Mealbux and Student Health Insurance Subsidy

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

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General Questions-

  • How much can I expect to get if I am awarded?

-MealBux: Average award amounts tend to be between $40 and $60.  This is based on the number of people who apply and are awarded.

-Health Insurance: Varies.

  • How is eligibility determined?

-Eligibility is based on need.  Every application is reviewed and processed using a computer program that assesses need.

  • Is there anything that would automatically disqualify me?

-If you are not currently enrolled at OSU Corvallis campus and not paying student fees (E-campus).

-MealBux: If you live in a residence hall, a co-op or a Greek house, you will not be eligible for Mealbux because you have a dining plan included with your housing.

-Health Insurance: If you pay insurance through OSU to Pacific Source; have not paid for the insurance by the time you apply for the subsidy.

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Regarding Income-

  • What if my paystub is not reflective of what I will be making during the term?

-For the integrity of the program, we will need to use your most recent paystub even if it is not reflective of what you will be making this term.  In the event that you are denied Mealbux, you will be notified and have time to submit an appeal.  In doing this, you can give us your new paystub that may be more reflective.  Alternatively, you could have your employer fill out an employment verification form or submit a professional letter stating how much you make and how many hours you will be working.

  • What if I only had a job over the summer?

-If you only had a job over the summer, you will not need to prove employment at all.  If you will not be making money during the term you are applying, this information is not needed.

  • What if I don’t have or can’t find my paystub?

-You can have your employer fill out one of our employment verification forms OR have them submit a professional letter stating how much you make and how many hours you will be working.

Note: Your employer/supervisor needs fill it out and sign it (pdf). This is specifically for HSRC (will NOT work for DHS applications).

  • What if I am self-employed?

-We can accept bank statements and/or copies of checks that may have been used as payment for proof of income.

  • What if I just started or accepted my GTA position?

Your GTA offer will work well as proof.

  • What if I was just laid off or fired?

-If you were just laid off or fired and do not expect to be getting any income during the term that you are applying, you will not need to show proof of employment.

  • What if I don’t have a full month’s worth of paystubs?

-If you do not have a full month’s worth of paystubs, we will multiply your most recent paystub to estimate a monthly income.  For example, if you get paid twice a month, we will multiply it by two.

  • What if my spouse or domestic partner does not support me or share my bills?

-If you do not share your income and expenses, do not put their information on the form.  If you are a dependent of them, you will need to provide this information.

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Regarding Unearned Income-

  • What if I get child support and where do I report this on the application?

-If you receive child support either for you or your children, you will report this under Family/Parent Monetary Support.

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Regarding Financial Aid Information-

  • What if I have not yet received my financial aid?

-You cannot report aid that you do not have.  If it does not show up on your Account Summary by Term, do not report it.  The exception would be private aid in the form of loans, grants or scholarships that do not go through the school.

  • What are cash assets?

-Cash assets are money that you have in your pocket and bank account.  Please note that this does not include financial aid or income reported elsewhere on the form.  For example, if you have received your refund and it is in your bank account, do not report it as cash assets as it will already be reflected in your student aid package.

  • What are other scholarships?

-Other scholarships are scholarships that are not reflected on your Account Summary by Term.  These are usually scholarships or monies given by private organizations such as churches.

    • What if my parents are receiving a refund but I do not see any of the money?  How do I report this?  


-If they receive the refund and give it to you, report it as part of your refund.  If they receive it and support you with it by paying rent or other expenses, report the monies they give you under Family/Parent Monetary Support.  If they receive the refund and give you none of it, do not report it as a refund or support.

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Regarding Special Expenditures/Circumstances-

  • Do I need proof for health insurance payments?

-You do not need proof for health insurance payments.

  • What about medical expenses?  What do I need as proof?

-You will need to submit to us receipts or bills that show that you have paid them as proof of medical expenses.  Medical expenses can be anything medically related including visits, hospitalization, treatments and medications.

  • What if I am dual-enrolled?  Where do I put that information?

-If you are dual-enrolled, we will need your Account Summary by Term for that school and it will be reported just as your OSU information

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