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Background and Purpose:

By necessity as well as by preference, the Holocaust Memorial Program is as cost-conscious as circumstances allow.  It has been our policy through the years not to charge admission to events that we sponsor.  This policy is in keeping with our desire to reach as broad an audience as possible.  But of course the program has its expenses, even if we choose not to pass them along to those who attend our events. A typical Holocaust Memorial Week program costs about $10,000.  The program in April 2012 cost roughly $14,000, and the trend suggests that $12,000-$15,000 will soon be the norm.  Whatever the cost, the bulk of our funds must be raised year by year. These constraints have through the years forced the committee to pare our offerings, eliminating events and activities that, although beneficial, could not be worked into the budget.  Budgetary constraints have likewise influenced the choice of speakers.  Some potential speakers are simply out of the program’s price range.  A related problem is that many desirable speakers are booked a year or more in advance, for Holocaust remembrance programs elsewhere.  It is in any case desirable to be able to organize programs at least a year ahead, but since there is little assured funding this is impossible.
Since 2007, the HMP has benefited greatly from a $5000.00 annual gift provided by the Harold and Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation.  Aside from this, the program has at present only three assured sources of funds.  Each year, we receive $1000.00 from Beit Am/Mid-Willamette Valley Jewish Community and $500.00 apiece from the City of Corvallis and the Humanities Center at Oregon State University.  Besides these, we can usually expect to raise $3000-$4000.00 from such sources at OSU as the Residence Hall Association (and individual halls), the Office of the Provost, and organizations representing the fraternities and sororities at OSU.  We also receive contributions from area churches, businesses, and private donors.  But raising funds in excess of $10,000.00 is difficult, and while we have managed to cover expenses year after year we have been faced with the annual dilemma of organizing a program while having committed funding that covers half the budget or less.

In order to stabilize the financial base of the Holocaust Memorial Program for the foreseeable future and to allow for expanding the annual activities, the Memorial Committee is encouraging donations intended to provide a permanent endowment.  Until our endowment goal is reached, however, we need more assured working capital.

Goal for short-term finance: $8000.00

An assured annual source of $8000.00, in conjunction with the $7000.00 that is already budget-line, would allow us much greater flexibility in planning.

Goal of the endowment drive: $400,000

The endowment would be held and monitored by the OSU Foundation.  From an endowment for $400,000, the committee would be able to draw up to $18,000 per year for expenses related to the program.  Payments could be made only on the request of authorized individuals and only to cover a pre-determined set of expenses, such as honoraria.

What the endowment would allow for:

  • Increased flexibility in choosing speakers

  • Having assured funds, the committee could plan a year or more ahead, increasing the pool of prospective speakers.  We could also afford to provide larger honoraria -- though never to bring in someone whose honorarium is set higher than his or her achievement merits.  Finally, we could afford to bring in speakers from overseas, where many of the finest scholars in Holocaust studies reside.  Whenever possible, we would facilitate speaking engagements by these scholars in and outside Oregon, though not cover the fees or additional expenses incurred by other host institutions.

  • Symposiums

  • A secure funding base would allow for the establishment of a symposium series that would focus on issues related to the Holocaust or to the general problem of genocide.

  • Teacher-education Program

  • The endowment would make it possible to establish a teacher-education program at OSU that would coincide with Holocaust Memorial Week and would provide a framework for discussing issues associated with teaching Holocaust- and genocide-related issues in high schools and middle schools statewide.

  • More support for programs in area public schools

  • Just as the program could promote teacher education, so could it do more to involve the schools in events that deal with the Holocaust or genocide.  It would be particularly beneficial if we could stage more age-appropriate plays in the schools, and we know that they can provide educational value, as did Just One More Dance, which was discussed earlier.  As matters stand, we can seldom afford such productions; an endowment would change that.

Donors to the Holocaust Memorial Program at Oregon State University, 1987-2012

The following list includes individuals, groups, units, institutions and foundations that have underwritten particular events, as well as those that have made general contributions:

More than $25,000:

Harold and Arlene Schnitzer CARE Foundation


Beit Am - Mid-Willamette Jewish Community
Oregon State University, Office of Academic Affairs/Provost’s Fund for Excellence
Boyd and Debbie Schorzman
Thomas Hart and Mary Jones Horning Endowment in the Humanities


City of Corvallis
Corvallis School District 509-J
OSU Convocation and Lectures
Residence Hall Association, OSU/OSU Residence Halls (including Buxton Hall, Cauthorn Residence Hall, Halsell Hall, Poling Residence Hall, OSU, Wilson Hall Students, OSU
Finley Hall, OSU


Hillel Foundation, OSU
Interfraternity Council, OSU/OSU Fraternities
Paul and Diane Kopperman
Ze’ev and Miriam Orzech
United Campus Ministry, OSU
Carol Van Natta


Associated Students of OSU
Norman and Esther Bolker
Michael and Karen Brugato
College of Engineering, OSU
College of Liberal Arts, OSU
David Eiseman
Department of History, OSU/School of History, Philosophy, and Religion Elks Lodge #1413, Corvallis
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Hundere Endowment for Religion and Culture, OSU
Jean Konick
Howard and Susan Korn
Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
OSU “Anonymous Friends”
OSU Student Foundation
Panhellenic Assn., OSU; Order of Omega
First Presbyterian Church, Corvallis
Marie Richter
The Soref Initiative for Emerging Campuses of Hillel: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life

Donations to $500:

George and Janice Abele
Maya Abels and Stewart Holmes
Acacia Fraternity
Alaska Airlines
Anthony’s Limousine Service, Corvallis
Amanda Anundi
Hayden and Susan Aronson
Joseph and Libby Bottero
Mary J. Brock
Barney and Billye Brody
CH2M Hill Companies, Ltd.
Douglas and Joan Caldwell
Church of the Good Samaritan Fdn.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Students Assn. at OSU
College of Heath and Human Sciences, OSU
Corvallis Community Alliance for Diversity
Cultural Affairs Office, OSU
Merry and Harold Demarest
Department of Philosophy, OSU
Department of Political Science, OSU
Lisa Ede and Gregory Pfarr
Stephen and Kelly Ensor
Evanite Fiber Corporation, Corvallis
First Presbyterian Church of Corvallis
First United Methodist Church of Corvallis
Michael and Shoshannah Freilich
Thomas and May Georges
Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church, Corvallis
Gracewinds Music, Corvallis
Harry Green
Elisa Lynn Griffin
Kelli Gryotas
Edward and Kathleen Heath
Bart and Joanne Hunter
Japanese Student Association
John and Phil’s Toyota, Corvallis
Amber Johnson
Jonathan Katz
Dean and Rebecca Keeling
Ilene Kleinsorge and Tom Walmsley
Kari Lee Kokkeler
Flora L. Leibowitz
Craig and Nancy Leman
Melissa Weintraub Lenihan
Wendy Lee Madar
Michael Maier
Leon and Joanne Malkin
Memorial Union Program Council, OSU
Robert and Anne Messner
Wendi Lee Miller
Gretchen Morris
Office of Affirmative Action, OSU
Office of Cultural Affairs, OSU
Harry and Lucy Oxenhandler
Raymond Packouz
Richard and Robyn Pekala
Harold Pollin
John and Sandra Potter
Proworks, Corvallis
David Rabinowitz
Ed Rettig
Zinovy and Naomi Reichstein
Nancy Rosenberger
St. Mary’s Parish, Corvallis
School of Writing, Literature, and Film, OSU
Nettie Schwager and Ning Zhang
Lisa Schwartz
Justus Frandsen Seely
Darlene Sokol
Lawrence Stover, Jr.
Eleanor Terfloth
Margaret and Kurt Willowmoon
Art and Heather Wilmot
Virginia Wold
Women Studies Program, OSU
Women’s Center, OSU
Juri N. Yamagata

We sincerely regret any omissions. We will update this list from time to time in the future and will insert the names of contributors who have been overlooked, as well as acknowledge new donations.

To all of our donors, we say - Thank You!

We say the same to those who through the years have given freely of their time and effort to help the program work.

And finally, we ask YOU to consider supporting this worthwhile annual program!