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Selina's Big Dive

Welcome to the Heppell Lab webpage!

We are a diverse lab of ecologists working on marine ecology, conservation biology and fisheries issues. Our students work from the Oregon Coast to the Ecuadoran Amazon to the Pelagic Atlantic, specializing in habitat assessment, species interactions, population distribution and response of populations to human perturbations. Our lab members play active roles in finding solutions to local, regional and international conservation and management problems. We also serve as home to the Marine Team, a seminar and group research program that provides graduate and undergraduate students with research experience and information on current marine conservation and fisheries issues.

We have laboratory facilities in two main locations on the campus of Oregon State University. Some of our lab space and most of our offices are located in Nash Hall. Our laboratory is in Nash room 112 and if you stop in at the main offce (Nash room 104), our friendly departmental staff can provide the office number for anyone in the lab. We also have a wet lab and offices at the Hatfield Marine Science Center. The Hatfield campus map will point you in the right direction.