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(WebEx) Toll-Free Calling

Toll-Free Calling

By default, users are provided access to VoIP audio (audio services embedded within the WebEx user interface), as well as audio accessed via phone by calling a number in the San Francisco Bay Area (1-415-xxx-xxxx). Both of these calling methods are covered financially by the university.



If you need a toll-free number for your users, you may opt-in to toll-free service. To do so, please send your request to conference.center@oregonstate.edu with the following information:

            - Names of those who need toll-free access.

            - The department to which those fees will be billed.

            - The billing Index to which those fees will be billed.



The cost for toll-free service is $.09/minute per caller. All charges are billed to the host and there is no way to break that into multiple charges or indexes. So, if you host a 60-minute meeting that has 10 participants who call in via toll-free, you will incur a charge of $54 for your department (10 people X $.09 X 60 minutes).



If you simply need a toll-free conference calling method with the need to use web collaboration (document sharing, video conferencing, etc.), OSU can provide this to you at a lower cost. Please inquire with conference.center@oregonstate.edu for details and options.



It does seem counter-intuitive that toll-free would cost the University more than a toll call, but it’s absolutely the case. The reason is because in order to gain full functionality of the WebEx service, using their conference bridge infrastructure makes the most sense. However, we need to pay for access to that service on a per-minute/per-caller basis. The toll-free ability just adds the additional cost for the 800# (someone’s got to pay for it, and it’s not going to be WebEx!) that calls into exactly the same place the toll number does.


OSU pays roughly $.01/minute for long distance calling from calls generated from OSU to a non-OSU site. The cost for a toll call to WebEx is $.04. So it costs the University about $.05/minute to use the toll calling method. That is much better than the $.09/minute for toll-free.

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