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(WebEx) Productivity Tools

Using Productivity Tools

If your WebEx Site administrator has enabled it, Productivity Tools are installed automatically. The installation begins when you log in to your site with your host account information. If you are prompted to download productivity tools when you log in, click Download, then follow the prompts.

If Productivity Tools are not installed automatically, and you are not prompted to install them, follow the instructions below for Downloading Productivity Tools. Once installed, Productivity Tools enable you to start meetings instantly from the One-Click panel or from other applications on your desktop.

Downloading Productivity Tools

1. Log in to oregonstate.webex.com

2. Select MY WEBEX

3. Click Productivity Tools Setup (on the left navigation panel). The One-Click Setup page appears.

4. Complete the Meeting Options and Audio Conference information, then click Save. The Productivity Tools Setup page appears.

5. Click Install WebEx Productivity Tools. Your browser’s file download message appears. 

6. In the Open File dialog, click Run.

7. Click Finish to complete the installation. The WebEx Productivity Tools dialog appears

8. Enter your Site URL, Click Login and a page appears to log in using SSO.

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