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Microsoft Lync

How do I add a contact in Lync 2013?           
You can easily create meetings with other OSU employees who have Exchange? accounts. There are too many such persons to load all of them into your contacts list, but you can add any of these people...    Find Out More
How do I create a meeting in Lync?           
One great feature in Lync is the ability to conference call with multiple colleagues. You may have a meeting with several people all in one place. Use Outlook or the Microsoft Lync Web App to create...    Find Out More
How do I find and log into Lync?           
Anyone with an Exchange? account can access and use Lync. To see if Lync is installed on your computer or for help logging in, follow the instructions below.    Find Out More
When the University migrated everybody over to Lync 2013, there seemed to be a large server error and many people lost their contact lists.  This is a problem that the system administrators are...    Find Out More

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