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Log in to your list settings (How to Login) Click the “General Options” option Scroll down to the “Emergency moderation of all list traffic” section Select “Yes” or “No” Scroll to the bottom and...    Find Out More
Log in to your list settings (How to Login) Click the “Bounce Processing” option Scroll down to the “Should Mailman perform automatic bounce processing?” section Select “Yes” or “No”...    Find Out More
Log in to your list settings (How to Login) Click the “General Options” option Scroll down to the bottom of the Notifications section Select “Yes” or “No” for both “Notices of requests” and...    Find Out More
Log in to your list settings (How to Login) Click the “Language Options” option Scroll down to the list of languages and put a check next to each language you want your list to use You can...    Find Out More
The answer is yes! It is a very common misconception that the mac systems are impervious from malware and viruses. There is no technical reason why a Mac computer could not be infected with malware,...    Find Out More

Campus Computing Facilities

General use labs There are four general use labs on campus available to those with an ONID account. You can find more information on each lab by clicking the links below. Milne Computing Facility...    Find Out More
The campus computing facilities provide computer access and resources for the students of Oregon State University. There are general use labs and college-specific labs such as the Engineering and...    Find Out More
Students are charged for basic printing to recover the costs associated with ink, paper and printer maintenance. Printing charges on campus are not the same in all locations. Click on the...    Find Out More
Anyone with an ONID account can use the computers in the general use facilities. College specific labs may require students to have different credentials (Such as Engineering).    Find Out More


  How do I remove an entry from the Outlook nickname cache?    Find Out More

General FAQs

Someone needs to convert a file to a PDF for easy readability across all platforms  Someone wants to print thruogh the web to OSU Beaver Prints system.     Find Out More
Someone needs to convert a file to a PDF for easy readability across all platforms  Someone wants to print thruogh the web to OSU Beaver Prints system.     Find Out More
Apple released macOS Sierra on September 20, 2016. The latest version is 10.12.3 which was released on January 23, 2017. The following are known issues and work-arounds for macOS Sierra: 1. Can't...    Find Out More

Google Apps For OSU

Apple Mail Content Disappearing?           
Apple users updated to 10.9.1 have found if they setup their Apple Mail with ONID Gmail - it will sometimes make the content will disappear in all messages, but display the headers, timestamp, and...    Find Out More
Can't add users outside of OSU to your Oregon State University Google Group?       Find Out More
Through Google Apps for OSU, each student is allowed to create a Google+ profile. Here's some information about how to edit what information is publicly available.    Find Out More
By default Google displays your whole name exactly as it is in the directory. (http://directory.oregonstate.edu/) This is due to the OSU Directory being used as the primary directory for the OSU...    Find Out More
**If you haven't already, here is more information on how to opt in to the Google program. Sometimes you may encounter a scenario when people do not use Google Calendar, but would like...    Find Out More
Click on the list you want to edit Select Members in the left side menu Choose "Direct add members" in the list under Information Enter the email address of the people you'd like to add to the...    Find Out More
In some cases, it is easiest to create a period of time in your calendar to meet with an unknown number of people (such as advising appointments) then have people sign up for portions of that time.    Find Out More
Google Calendar allows you several different options for event reminders. Here’s how to customize your notifications settings: In the calendar list on the left, click the down-arrow button next to...    Find Out More
If you use an Microsoft Outlook to keep track of your online calendars, and would like to have your Google Calendar sync with it, listed below is a step-by-step guide on how to set it up.    Find Out More
To list your group in the directory: Click on the list you want to edit Select Information in the left side menu Choose Directory in the list under Information Check the box that says "List this...    Find Out More
Sometimes it is helpful to share calendars between coworkers or with people who don't have an onid account.    Find Out More
You can sign in to more than one account a time using the Add Account feature.    Find Out More
Here's how you can get started with a Google+ account using Google Apps for OSU.    Find Out More
If you no longer want to auto-forward your mail, follow these instructions: Click the gear in the top right. Select Settings. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, or if you use Google Apps, you...    Find Out More
**If you haven't already, here is more information on how to opt in to the Google program. If you've opted in to the Google ONID program, you have the ability to create a calendar using...    Find Out More
People may want to move files from a free Dropbox account (5 GB) to their Google Apps for OSU account, which provides 30 GB for files uploaded to Google Drive or Google Mail.    Find Out More
When editing your Google+ profile through Google Apps for OSU, you may want to see your profile as the public sees it, to make sure you don't have any unwanted information publicly visible. Here's...    Find Out More
When you create a Google+ account through Google Apps for OSU, you can include additional information about yourself. Here's a brief overview of how editing your Google+ information can affect your...    Find Out More
When sharing a document or file to an ONID email address using Google apps, the recipient will be sent an invitation to look at the file. When they click the link, they will be redirected to the...    Find Out More
You can't sign directly into groups from groups.google.com, instead you have to go through our portal.     Find Out More
Sometimes users will encounter an issue where when they post a new topic in a group, the topic is not created and automatically archived. A user may receive "New messages in this group will not be...    Find Out More
Restarting your device will update your account information and it should stop warning you that your personal account information is incorrect. We have seen this reported on iOS devices (iPad &...    Find Out More
The mail you delete in Google Mail is automatically deleted after 30 days. You can also manually empty the Trash folder at any time by selecting individual messages or multiple message and selecting...    Find Out More
One of the main purposes of cloud computing is that you don't have to worry about backups. Whereas if you store data on your own computer only, and your hard drive dies — that's it, the files are...    Find Out More
When you update information on Google+, you probably also want to review or change some of the privacy and security settings on Google+.     Find Out More
The cause is that you have not followed the process to opt-in to Google Mail at Oregon State University.    Find Out More
While looking at a person's Directory profile in the Google Apps for OSU interface, you'll notice a building icon.    Find Out More
If you are the manager of a Google Group but cannot view the entire list of group members, then the permissions are set incorrectly. Please go through the following steps:    Find Out More
After the upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS, 10.9 or Mavericks, Gmail users have started experiencing issues with Mac Mail and its compatability with Gmail. There is a wide range of items as...    Find Out More

Microsoft Lync

How do I add a contact in Lync 2013?           
You can easily create meetings with other OSU employees who have Exchange? accounts. There are too many such persons to load all of them into your contacts list, but you can add any of these people...    Find Out More
How do I create a meeting in Lync?           
One great feature in Lync is the ability to conference call with multiple colleagues. You may have a meeting with several people all in one place. Use Outlook or the Microsoft Lync Web App to create...    Find Out More
How do I find and log into Lync?           
Anyone with an Exchange? account can access and use Lync. To see if Lync is installed on your computer or for help logging in, follow the instructions below.    Find Out More

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