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How can I sign up for ONID?           
Instructions on signing up for a new ONID account.      Find Out More
  What if I've forgotten what my ONID username is? If you have forgotten what your ONID username is and need to retrieve it you can: Go to: http://oregonstate.edu/main/campus-online-...    Find Out More
Instructions for setting up filters in the legacy (old) ONID webmail client that sort email automatically.    Find Out More
For persons using the old, legacy ONID webmail system (not Google Apps for OSU), these instructions show how you can forward your ONID email to another email address.    Find Out More
Instructions for adding specific contacts using the old ONID webmail client.     Find Out More
How do I set up ONID email?           
  What is ONID Email? The OSU Network ID (ONID) is the basic network account provided to everyone associated with the university. When you sign up for your ONID account, your ONID email account...    Find Out More
  If you try to send a message and there is a problem with the mail delivery, you will receive an error message back from the system describing why the mail could not be delivered. Most of these...    Find Out More
You may filter your own emails on ONID but this is very technical.    Find Out More
Specifics on how to view messages written in Japanese.    Find Out More
We recommend using your ONID account because it is your OSU identity, prestigious, ad-free, and free.    Find Out More
What if I've forgotten my GAP?           
Your GAP? is used to log into online services and you can learn how to reset it here.    Find Out More
What is ONID?           
An explanation for the primary account you will have at OSU.    Find Out More
What is Spam email?           
Tips for detecting spam and understanding what it aims to do.    Find Out More
What is the Out of Office Service?           
Instructions on how to automate your email to alert people that you are away and unlikely to check your email for a while.    Find Out More
Instructions on what to do and what not to do when you recieve a message you believe to be spam.    Find Out More
Who can get an ONID account?           
A list of the status's that qualify for an ONID account.    Find Out More
Why get an ONID account?           
Reasons why you want to set up your ONID account as soon as you can.    Find Out More

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