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Security software can help prevent or remove an infection. However, this is not a catch all solution and as a user, you must be proactive in your security habits.

Symantec Endpoint Protection

Oregon State University currently has a site license with Symantec. This provides end users the opportunity to use Symantec Endpoint Protection. The software is available to all OSU employees, emeritus faculty and currently registered students.

You can find and download Symantec here.

More information about Symantec can be found here.

Click HERE to watch the tutorial.

* Note: This software must be removed once your affiliation with OSU terminates.


Oregon State does not have a site license for any anti-malware programs, but there are some free programs available for download that have proven effective for some of the campus helpdesks (e.g.- Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware).

Click HERE to watch the tutorial about running a virus scan with Malwarebytes.

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