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This page is outdated. The OSUware kiosk no longer exists. All OSUware may be downloaded from our secure website located here.

You can find more information on our main OSUware helpdoc page.



Below you can find the original OSUware kiosk page, dated from when the kiosk still existed.

What was the OSUware kiosk?

To provide quality service to customers with infected computers and those who cannot download the software, the help desk implemented a self-service Kiosk computer that will allow customers to transfer OSUware software to a CD or USB flash drive on demand. The kiosk is a computer available to all OSU employees, emeriti, and students that would like anti-virus software for their computers.

Where was the OSUware kiosk?

The kiosk is located on the main floor of the The Valley Library, between the OSU Computer Helpdesk and library Reference Desk.

What software was available from the kiosk?

Apple computers

  • A document with a list and links to free software.

Windows computers

  • Statgraphics
  • A document with a list and links to free software.
What is required to get the software?
  1. An affiliation with OSU that grants you an ONID account.
  2. A functioning ONID account.
  3. A USB flash drive or writeable CD (CD-R/CD+R.)
Why is a large batch of CDs no longer produced?

The OSU Computer Helpdesk took a more cost effective approach to the OSUware CD, which delivers up-to-date software to customers in a timely manner. More people use high speed Internet connections which allows the software packages to be downloaded easier.

  1. Up-to-date software available to a broader audience.
  2. More economical and environmentally sustainable.
What are my options if I live outside of Corvallis, or do not want a CD?
  • Use your Internet connection at home, visit a local library, use a Wi-Fi enabled hot spot, or go to a friend's house to download the software to your computer or flash drive.

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Contact the Service Desk at 541-737-8787

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