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Faculty Advisor

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Advisors: If you'd like to see what your students can see in MyOSU, visit the Student Page.

Who is qualified to view this content?

Employees with a role of Faculty or Advisor in the Banner system.

What information is available?

Whether you're assisting a student with their schedule or trying to find the academic regulations policy, this page contains anything a faculty or advisor should need to provide quick, efficient help.

What portlets are available?

Faculty Dashboard: A quick, easy tool for viewing active classes, e-mailing class members, and includes navigational links useful for working with students.

Learn@OregonState: A list of quick links to Blackboard and Canvas, along with a guide on how to use Canvas.

Faculty Grade Assignment: Here you have access to an easy to view tool for seeing the grade status of classes, and to access grade pages in Faculty and Advisor Self-Service.

Faculty Tool Kit: A useful list of documentation on different web services that faculty often reference.

Important Dates: Calendar of important scheduling and academic dates.

Quick Links: A useful bank of links with explanations and information about the Graduate School, Policies, Procedures, Research, and many other areas.

Advisor Tool Kit: Access to ATLAS and My Degrees, amongst other useful services.

Student Academic Services: Helpful links aimed towards students that Faculty and Advisors would want to share in meetings.

Advisor Dashboard: A useful search tool for querying the advisee or student's information from Banner, for accurate, timely progress in their selected program with Oregon State University.

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