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OSU Access Wireless portal has returned

The login page for the OSU Access wireless network has returned. Information about that can be found here.

OSU Access is an unsecured/unencrypted wireless network. OSU IT staff recommend you use the Eduroam or OSU Secure wireless networks.

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Office 365 is an online office and software plus services suite which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform.

Office 365 enables you to install the latest full desktop version of Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook, so you can use all the features offline as well as online. You can also install Office on smartphones.

At the moment, only students who are currently enrolled in classes have access to Office 365.

Faculty and staff will gain access to Office 365 after all employee ONID accounts have been converged. Talk to your department's IT support group to learn more about this process. In the meanwhile, you can request to gain access to the Microsoft Home Use Program instead.


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