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(Phishing) 07/06/2017 Account Block

07/06/2017 Example

This email was sent out on 07/06/2017 trying to steal email login information. There are a couple of intial red flags just after reading the email, even without further investigating:

  • You Requested for password change
  • Grammer and capitalization is terrible for an automated message.
  • Upgrade mailbox quota here
  • Blindly clicking hyperlinks in emails should always be avoided since they could lead anywhere.
  • Mail administrator 2017
  • We're just the "Service Desk".

Here are some additional ways we can tell this email is fake:

Sender Address

The sender has "admin" at least in the username, but that isn't where we send automated messages from and the email address doesn't even say @oregonstate.edu. Keep in mind that even if an email address is an @oregonstate.edu email address, that doesn't make it safe. Email addresses can be spoofed and manipulated to seem like legitimate emails or it could be coming from an already stolen account. That is why it is important to look at the context of the email and any hyperlinks in it.


This link could be tricky since it technically does have "oregonstate.edu" in the hyperlink, however the website is chamnoltravel.com. It is important to keep in mind that you don't have to "request" changing your password here and you can always call us in to discuss mail quota information.

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