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Uninstall Symantec Antivirus

Symantec Clean Wipe

Symantec Clean Wipe is a tool designed by Symantec specifically to help uninstall their products. It is recommended that you only use Clean Wipe as a last resort when trying to remove Symantec products and uninstalling them normally through the Control Panel is a much better option when it works.

Download Clean Wipe/Symantec Uninstall App

You will need to authenticate with your ONID Username and prefix your Username with "ONID\"
Operating System Download
Windows Clean Wipe (Uninstaller)
Mac OS X Symantec Uninstall Application

When prompted enter in your username and password, please remember to put your domain before the username (for example, ONID\onidusername in the username field).

Type ONID\yourusername in the username field, and the corresponding password in the password field

Wait for the download to finish

Using the Clean Wipe tool (Windows)

  • Windows 8: Once you unistall Symantec Antivirus your windows Defender will automatically start to protect you computer. 

1.) Open the Cleanwipe file that was downloaded (it should be a .zip file)


2.) Copy the files that are inside to your desktop (it may help to put them in a new folder)

Find your download and extract the Cleanwipe files

3.) Run the CleanWipe.exe file that you just copied

Find the files you dragged over from the compressed folder and open CleanWipe.exe

4.) If your computer gives you a pop-up box asking for permission to run CleanWipe, click ‘Yes’

5.) Once the program opens click ‘Next >’

When CleanWipe initiates, press Next />

6.) Check the box to indicate that you accept the terms in the license agreement

7.) Click on ‘Next >’

After reading the terms, please accept and press Next />

8.) Check the boxes next to any products that you want to remove. Most commonly this will be the ‘Client Software’ box on the top of the list.

Select the checkbox for "Client Software"

9.) Click ‘Next >’

10.) Make sure you don’t have any unsaved documents open as the computer will be restarting soon

Check Reboot Automatically

11.) Check the box that reads ‘Reboot automatically’

12.) Click ‘Next >’

13.) CleanWipe will now run through and uninstall Symantec

Wait until the process says, "Removal completed successfully"

14.) Once the removal finishes (a message that reads ‘Removal completed successfully’ will show up) click ‘Next >’

15.) Click ‘Finish’

16.) The computer should now restart. If it doesn’t restart automatically be sure to do restart it yourself

17.) Once it reboots make sure that all Symantec products are removed from the computer

Press Finish once the process has completed

Using the Symantec Uninstall App (OS X)

1.) Run the downloaded application. If your computer warns you against running it since it is an application from the internet just click the ‘Open’ button

Initiate your download

2.) Check the box next to any applications that you want to uninstall (Symantec Endpoint Protection)
Select Symantec Endpoint Protection

3.) When prompted to confirm that you want to delete the software click ‘Uninstall’

Press Uninstall when the confirmation prompt is present

4.) Wait while the application uninstalls Symantec

After initiating uninstaller, let the progress bar go through

5.) Once the uninstall is complete and the log opens up on the screen click ‘Close’

Confirmation of Completiion

6.) You will need to restart your computer to complete the removal process. Make sure that you don’t have any programs or unsaved documents open and click ‘Restart’

Restart your computer

7.) Symantec should now be removed from your computer


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