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Remote connect software is available to approved staff and faculty at Oregon State University. The software, Screen Connect, is compatible with almost all Operating Systems, and should work on the majority of systems people have.

Screen Connect allows a technician to remotely connect to a customer's computer to see what they are seeing, walk them through steps on their computer, or make changes for the customer.


  1. Open a browser (preferably Internet Explorer) and head to https://support.oregonstate.edu
  2. Click on the “Login” button in the upper right, and login with your ONID credentials
  3. Under the “Host” page you can create a session by clicking on the “Create Session” button

Where to add a host session

The types of connections

  • Publicly Listed: A session that goes on the bottom of the front page of support.oregonstate.edu that customers can view and click the “Join” button for.
  • Code Protected: A session the tech creates a code for, and the customer may enter the code in the “Code protected” section of the support.oregonstate.edu site.
  • Email Link: The tech enters an email address when creating the session that goes to the customer, and the email has a link that directs the customer to the session (This is a great way to create a private session if needed).

Different ways to join sessions

Downloading and RUNNING the program

When the customer clicks on the “Join” button, or follows the link through the email, they will be prompted with a download. It is important they do not just save the file; they will need to be sure to RUN the file after it is finished downloading. (Customers who use Internet Explorer will automatically be given a Run function, instead of a save function, and will not need to worry about this.) Please note customers without local admin privileges will be required to use Internet Explorer for its Run function.

There are a few additional prompts the computer gives after running the program, including verifying the publisher, and allowing the program to make changes to the computer. You will want to let the customer know to click on allow/run/yes, etc. to complete the setup.


For more information about Screen Connect, please see the vendor's documentation: https://www.screenconnect.com/

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