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(MicrosoftSE) Running a Scan

Running a Scan

  1. Make sure your virus and spyware definitions are ‘Up to date’
  2. Select either Quick or Full scan depending on what you want to scan. Then Click ‘Scan now’
    Default home window 
  3. Quick scans checks the areas that malicious software including virus’s spyware and unwanted software are most likely to infect.
  4. Full scan checks all the files on your hard disks and checks all running programs. Depending on your system a Full scan could take over an hour
  5. If during a scan Microsoft securities essentials finds viruses or malware, an 'At Risk' screen will pop up. Your next step is to select ‘Clean PC’
    PC at risk, Clean PC 
  6. Microsoft Security Essentials will then remove the detected issue
    It will work through and find potential threats 
  7. When all of the detected malware is removed you can select ‘close’ and continue browsing
    After cleaning, you should have a verification screen saying that the actions were applied successfully 

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