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Do I really need to use anti-virus on a Windows computer?

Of course. Since the majority of computers in use are Windows machines, most viruses are wrote to attack this operating system. On top of this, antivirus is a requirement while you are at the university as it is part of the Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources agreement. Antivirus software is a program designed to protect your computer from computer viruses. Antivirus software protects your computer’s sensitive data, which includes but is not limited to, personal information, browsing history, and credit cards.

What is recommended?

For windows computers, we currently recommend the anti-virus that Microsoft provides for free! This AV is the one of the easiest to come by and has one of the most basic installation processes. If you do not currently have an AV on your computer, it is recommended to get this free Microsoft one. If you have another preferred AV then you can continue to use that one instead.

How do I protect myself?

There are plenty of ways to protect both yourself and your computer; but to make it easier, below you can find a small portion of documents to help you get started:

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