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(Sophos) Running a Full Scan

Running a Full Scan

Before running any manual full scans, always remember to update Sophos' virus definitions. This helps Sophos better find and quarintine potential virus infections on your computer.

  1. To update Sophos' virus definitions, click on the shield icon in your Finder toolbar and select "Update Now".
    Option to update definitions 
  2. Sophos will now begin to search for any updates it needs through the internet. If it pops up with any updates, make sure to install them.
  3. Once all your virus definitions have been updated, go back to the Sophos shield icon and select "Scan This Mac".
     Option to perform a full scan on your Mac
  4. Your computer will now begin scanning all your files for virus infections. This may take a few hours, depending on how much data is on your computer.

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