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Prospective students are anyone who has applied to Oregon State University, but has not yet received an acceptance letter. Acceptance letters are either mail physically, emailed to your person email, or both. While you are considered a "Prospective Student", you have access to a very minimal amount of the tools and services that Oregon State University has to offer. Below are a couple of common questions that we receive from other prospective students.

What accounts do I have access to?

  • Banner Self-Service - This account is separate from your ONID account, which you do not have access to yet. Once you get an acceptance letter from Oregon State University, you will begin using your ONID account instead of this account. But for now, this is where all of your Financial Aid award information is located.

What mailboxes do I have access to?

  • None - For now, Oregon State University will use your personal email, that you have provided, in order to contact you. Once you have an ONID account, you will also obtain a Gmail account through Oregon State University.

What are a couple useful things to know?

  • How to Find Your OSU ID Number - Your OSU ID number is one that you will need for just about everything that is hosted through Oregon State University. It is a good idea to keep this number easily accessible, or even memorized.
  • How to Get to Financial Aid information - If you have received an email regarding your Financial Aid Award letter, you must log in with your Banner Self-Service account in order to accept or decline those awards.

What are the main tools I need to know?

  • Traditional Online Services - This is where you will be using your Banner Self-Service account information to sign in.
  • How to Create an ONID Account - This will be the next step immediately after receiving your acceptance letter if you wish to attend Oregon State University. Keep in mind, you will not be able to create your account until the award letter is received.

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