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What are RemoteApps?

RemoteApps is an OSU-hosted service that provides access to instructional software and applications for OSU students and staff.

Who has access?

All current students and employees may access RemoteApps. The service is intended for instructional (teaching and learning) use. 

Where can I access RemoteApps?

RemoteApps can be accessed via a web browser from on-campus or off-campus computers. VPN is not required for off-campus access.

What is available on RemoteApps?

Many instructional applications are available, including statistical packages, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, and more...

Please note that Adobe products are no longer offered on RemoteApps because of licensing restrictions.


How to Connect to OSU RemoteApps:

Click on your operating system below for instructions!

Windows Vista/7/8/10:▸

 Method 1: RemoteApp▸

1. Search for RemoteApp by pressing the windows key then typing "RemoteApp" and select RemoteApp and Desktop Connections

                       If you are using Windows 8

Find RemoteApp by searching Windows   

2. Select Access RemoteApp and desktops on the right


                    If you are using Windows 7

2. Select "Set up a new connection with RemoteApp and Desktop Connections" on the left.

3. Copy and Paste https://remoteapps.oregonstate.edu/RDWeb/Feed/webfeed.aspx into the address bar and click Next

Enter the RDS URL

4. Enter your ONID email and your ONID password.

Credentials window for remote app login

5. You should now be connected! Click View resources to see the programs available. You can also search for the programs and find them in the RemoteApp and Desktop Connections folder via the Start Menu

You can view programs through Work Resources

 Method 2: Web Browser▸

You can log into RemoteApps using your ONID credentials.

  1. Go to: remoteapps.oregonstate.edu
  2. Login before September 12, 2015 with ONIDusername@oregonstate.edu and your password
  3. Select the program you want to use
  4. You will download a file, run it. 
  5. Click Connect
  6. Enter your ONIDusername@oregonstate.edu  and password again

RemoteApps on Mac OS X:▸

 Method 1: Remote App▸

You can log into RemoteApps using your ONID credentials. 

  1. Download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop App from the App Store
    1. Open the App Store
    2. In the search box in the top right, search, "Microsoft Remote Desktop"
    3. Once you find the app pictured below, click "Free," then "Install." The app will appear on your dock. 

1. Open Microsoft Remote Desktop
2. Click Remote Resources


3. Enter the follwing information:

  • URL: remoteapps.oregonstate.edu
  • Username: username@oregonstate.edu
  • Password: Your ONID password

4. Click Refresh

 Method 2: Web Browser▸

1. Go to remoteapps.oregonstate.edu

2. Login with your ONID username with the ONID domain

3. Enter ONID Password

4. Navigate to the folder you need


5. Select the Program you wish to use


6. A download will start in your web browser. Go to your Downloads folder located on you dock and run .RDP file


7. Select "Other User"


8. Sign in with your ONID credentials with the ONID domain as you did in step 2 (e.g. ONIDusername@oregonstate.edu)


Your program will open. 

Mobile Devices▸


It is now possible to access OSU's Remote Applications from your Android device. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Open up the Google Play Store and search for "Microsoft Remote Desktop"
  2. Press "Install", the app will be downloaded
  3. Open the application
  4. Press the + sign at the top of the screen
  5. Select "Remote Resource Feed"
  6. Enter this info:
    1. E-mail or URL: https://remoteapps.oregonstate.edu
    2. User Name: Select "Add user account"
    3. Enter your ONIDusername@oregonstate.edu  and password
    4. Press Save twice

      Login Credentials for Android remote apps

  7. Wait for the list of programs to load, then go to the "Apps" tab and select the one you want to use
  8. You should now be able to use the RDS application you selected.  

 iOS X▸

It is now possible to access OSU's Remote Applications from your iOS device. To do so, follow the steps below:


  1. Open up the App Store and search for remote desktop
  2. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop
  3. Open Safari (Note: this only works in Safari) and go to: remoteapps.oregonstate.edu
  4. Login with username@oregonstate.edu and your passwordRemote Apps iOS login screen
  5. Select the application you would like to use
  6. On this screen, press "Open in 'RD Client'"
  7. Login with username@oregonstate.edu and your password again and press "Logon"
  8. At this screen, only select "Connect once." 
  9. You should then be logged in and be able to use the RDS Application you launched. 

Connecting With Linux

Linux is not currently a supported operating system by the Oregon State Computer Helpdesk. However, we recommend using freerdp for connecting to Remote Apps on Linux. This program can be located at freerdp.com


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