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Campus Licenses

OSU maintains a variety of software licenses which are administered by Information Services. Access this page to find information on University software licenses and ways to access the software.

The software agreements listed below typically fall in to three categories:

  • 'Per user' or 'per workstation' software must be paid for at the time you install it.
  • 'Site license' software can be installed on any Oregon State University workstation.
  • 'Volume licensing' software is available at a significant discount from a manufacturer.

The majority of the software can be installed via the web, by logging into our server over the campus network, or checked out on CD. Where possible, installation files are housed on our distribution server, SOFTDIST. Due to licensing restrictions, you may be required to email the software contact for each package to obtain access to these installation files.

A full list of the offered software can be found here! Just click on any of the programs to get to the request form.

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