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Graduate Student Page

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Who is qualified to view this content?

All graduate level students will see this page.

What information is available?

Useful information about coming to Corvallis for schooling, who to contact, how your degree is progressing, as well as useful Oregon State University pages.

What portlets are available?

Getting Started: Transportation information, help for finding family support services, orientation for fall term, and many other useful tips and sites for getting adjusted to life at Oregon State University.

International Students: Information about the INTO program, information about the Conditional Admission Program and help with student and faculty services aimed at International students.

Academic Profile: Your current progress with Oregon State University is displayed here.

Contacts: Help finding the people on campus you would need to contact relating to your degree program.

Academic Policies & Procedures: A useful collection of campus policies that relate to graduate students.

Financing Your Education: Helpful links for finding an assistantship, fellowship, scholarship, and federal financial aid.

Your Graduate Degree: Helpful deadlines, forms, information about majors and minors, as well as thesis assistance.

Quick Links: A list of links pointing to common tools used at Oregon State University; both for graduate students as well as general use sites.

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