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(Google) Signing Into Chrome with ONID

Signing into Google Chrome

Since version 46 of Google Chrome, people have not been able to sign into the application with their Educational Google accounts and receive a message along the lines of "Shibboleth Authentication Service Error Message: Error processing external authentication request chrome sign in issues". If you'd like to sign-in to Chrome to sync bookmarks, passwords, and more - please follow these steps:

1. Type chrome://chrome-signin/ into the address bar.  This should give you a non-popup version of the Chrome sign-in form.

2. Enter your username: ONIDUsername@oregonstate.edu

3. No password required.

4. Click “Sign in”

5. You should get redirected to the OSU Login page, where you can log in with your credentials as you normally do.

For additional assistance, please contact the Computer Helpdesk or visit the Service Desk in the Valley Library

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