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What are "Clickers"?

Clickers are wireless handheld devices used to conduct student participation in the classroom. Students can purchase their Turning Technologies QT device at the OSU Beaver Store. Mobile devices and laptops can also give input by using the ResponseWare App. All clickers must be registered in order to participate.

Register Your Clicker

  1. Go to Canvas
  2. Navigate to the left sidebar menu of the Canvas dashboard
  3. Click on Account > Settings > Turning Clicker Registration
  4. Login using your OSU email address (ONID)@oregonstate.edu

Spring Term Student Support

1st floor lobby of the Learning Innovation Center (LINC) across from the DAM café:

Week 1: M-F, 9 - 5
Week 2: M-F, 10 - 4
Week 3: M-Th, 10 - 2
Weeks 4-10: No support tables, instead email us or stop by LINC 466 (M-F)


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Contact the Service Desk at 541-737-8787

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