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What is Citrix?

Citrix is a remote application program that allows you to remotely access various programs such as SPSS, ENVI, and almost every application you can find in Oregon State computer labs! 

Who can use it?

Anyone who can create an ONID account! This includes and is limited to all current students, faculty, staff, and associates.

To access Citrix Applications, go to apps.oregonstate.edu

As of 6/23/2017, this is the comprehensive list of applications offered through Citrix:

Access ArcCatalog ArcGlobe ArcMap
ArcScene Behave Plus Bottleneck Cervus
Chem3D ChemDraw ChemFinder ChemFinder for Office
Consume Distance EndNote ENVI
ENVI + IDL ENVI Classic ENVI Classic + IDL Epi Info
EstimateS Excel FOFEM FVS-Suppose
GeoStudio IDL LimitState GEO Logger Pro
Maple 2015 Minitab Mplus NVivo
OneNote Outlook Powerpoint Publisher
R x64 R x86 RSPS RStudio
SAS SAS IML Studio SketchUp SPSS
Stata StatGraphics Traverse Word

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