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For Additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), visit http://my.oregonstate.edu and click on "Search OSU Blackboard FAQ" on the left side, or click on the Support tab in the top menu.

Instructor Resources

Phone Support - Please check the Supported By or ECampus Instructors blocks on the right for contact information based on your OSU affiliation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - For additional Blackboard walkthroughs, you can search the Blackboard FAQ.

  • Go to http://my.oregonstate.edu.
  • Click on the "Search OSU Blackboard FAQ" on the left hand side, or click on the "Support" tab in the top menu.

Workshops and Courses - Regular classes are offered through Technology Across the Curriculum (TAC).

OSU Extended Campus Tutorial - OSU Extended Campus' Course Development site provides detailed methods and tutorials for faculty providing instruction and materials online:

E-mail Class Groups - Instructions on using the Outlook enabled Class Groups to communicate with students can be found here.

Blackboard Grade Center - For more information about the Blackboard Grade Center, visit the Technology Across the Curriculum website.

Video Tutorials, Service Pack 13 Update - New features as of 12/23/2013.

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