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Getting Connected

OSU Students and Employees

Most buildings now have wireless network access. 

You will need your ONID credentials to login to the wireless network or to register your computer.

Visitors and Conference Guests

Visitors and Conference attendees should use the "Visitor" SSID for wireless Internet access.

If your institution participates in eduRoam, you can connect to the "eduRoam" SSID and login with your home credentials.

Department laptops

Department laptops can be registered in Cyder by the Departmental Computing Administrator (DCA?) and they will automatically have access to the OSU Wireless Network.

Wireless Coverage

Most buildings at OSU locations have wireless coverage. Outside areas are not necessarily covered for wireless.  Please note that some areas have better signal strength than others, and some areas are more congested than others. If you are having trouble with wireless coverage or performance, please contact the OSU Computer Helpdesk.

Network Media Players (ROKU)

Network Media Players are devices that can stream shows from providers like Netflix and Hulu directly to your TV by connecting to the internet. Certain models have a hard-coded DNS which causes them to have connection problems on OSU networks, including ResNet.

Typically connecting through an Ethernet cable will resolve the issue, so we always recommend that people buy NMPs with Ethernet ports. Most players have ports already, but some like the Roku HD and Roku 2 XD do not. 

Getting a wireless router is one work-around.  For the Roku, we recommend the Roku 2 XS because it has a built-in ethernet port.

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