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Call Answering Options

Call Answering Options


The Call Answering Options allow you to Administer (Record/Playback) your Spoken Name, Personal Greetings, and Please Hold prompt. It also allows you to set the rules under which the various greetings are played.


As shown below, to administer Optional Greetings, select the Greeting Rules: No optional Greeting rules are defined and click the circled Icon to add a rule.  Select the Default Call Handling greeting/prompt desired to record the greeting.  Greetings and prompts that have been recorded are shown below, e.g. Personal Greeting and may be deleted by clicking the associated Icon shown circled below.

To change the Media Selection from PC playback/record to telephone, you must first have administered your telephone as a media option as detailed above under Desktop User Interface: Media Setup. Right-click the PC icon in the Media Player and select the telephone as shown below.

The Personal Operator number is an extension to which callers are transferred after reaching your mailbox and then pressing Zero (Operator).  This number should be a number in your office that is generally staffed during business hours so that in emergencies, callers can at least reach someone who might be able to find you.  If this field is left blank, callers are transferred to the Operators if they press Zero.  Select the Other tab on the User Properties window and administer the 5-digit extension without a hyphen

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