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Desktop User Interface Options


The Desktop User Interface Options allow you to configure how your greetings and messages are played back or recorded (Desktop Speakers/Microphone/Headset or Telephone) when you are using the Avaya Player provided in the Outlook Plug-in.  You should set this option 1st before proceeding to other options.




 The Client Access Option defaults are shown below and are not generally changed




The Language Option default is shown below



The Media Setup Option defaults are shown below 

  • Multimedia causes the Playback and recording to be done through the Desktop Speaker/Microphone/Headset.




  • The telephone can be used instead of the Desktop Speaker/Microphone/Headset by changing both options to Telephone as shown below and then selecting Configure to administer which telephone is to be used.




Enter your 5-digit extension number in the Extension Number field (without a hyphen) and if the Message Application Server Name field is blank, select osu-mas1




Click Apply followed by OK

You will be returned to the Media Setup tab - click Apply followed by OK


The Media Setup changes have been completed and going forward you may change between Telephone and Multimedia Record/Playback as you desire


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