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Features of Interest

FAX Receive: Currently enabled only for Voice/E-mail Integrated subscribers -- If your Voice Mail answers a FAX call (or you transfer a FAX call to Voice Mail), you will receive an e-mail item with a TIF image FAX attachment.

Call Me: The system will call you at another number to notify you upon receipt of a new message - Configure from Web Tool or Outlook Plug-in

Find Me: The system will attempt to reach you at a list of phone numbers you provide before routing the call to your voice mail - Configure from Web Tool or Outlook Plug-in

Notify Me: An e-mail message or text message is sent to alert you upon receipt of a new message in your voice mailbox (likely of greatest interest to Voice Mail Only subscribers) - Configure from Web Tool or Outlook Plug-in

Phone Lists: You can establish list of on-campus as well as off-campus phone numbers to be used with the Call Me and Find Me features. - Configure from Web Tool or Outlook Plug-in

Schedules: You can establish schedules for when and how Call Me, Find Me, and Notify Me operate during a week/day. - Configure from Web Tool or Outlook Plug-in

Personal Operator: If someone presses 0/Zero while listening to your Voice Mail greeting, they will be transferred to this number. - Configure from Web Tool or Outlook Plug-in

Software Terms

Outlook Plug-in for Modular Messaging: An optional piece of software which adds functionality to Outlook for Voice/E-mail Integrated subscribers.  For more information, see: http://oregonstate.edu/helpdocs/voice-mail/integration/usingMM 

Outlook Thick Client: Another term for the Outlook Plug-in for Modular Messaging

Web Configuration Tool/Portal: A Web-based interface for configuring some mailbox features. 
URL: http://voicemail.oregonstate.edu               Documentation

Voice Mail Terms

Integrated Voice/E-mail Subscriber: Can interact with voice mail messages in their e-mail Inbox because their e-mail is hosted on a Network Services Exchange? server.

Voice Mail Only Subscriber: Voice mail services remain similar to past Audix services with a few new features and a Web tool as an option for some configuration.

Message Waiting Indicator Light: The red light on your phone

Please Hold Greeting: Informs callers of the extension they selected while they are transferred to that extension.

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