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Finding Your Network Adapter Address

Your computer's Network Adapter Address must be registered in order to receive network access. The Adapter Address is a unique number associated with your computer's network adapter. It is also called a Physical Address, Hardware Address, Ethernet ID or MAC on various systems. Follow the appropriate instructions for your Operation System to locate your Adapter Address.

Choose Your Operating System

Windows Vista, 7, & 8

  1. Open the Control Panel.

    Windows Vista & 7: Click Start then Control Panel 

    Windows 8: Right Click the Start Menu 

  2. Got to Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center from the next menu. 

  3. Click on the Wireless Connection you are connected to

  4. Go the Details in the Wifi Status window Here you will find your MAC/Hardware Address

Apple OS X

  1. Click the Apple (upper left corner).  Select System Preferences
  2. Select the Network control panel 

  3. Make sure you are viewing your Wireless Connection, and click Advanced

  4. Here you will find your Wireless MAC/Hardware Address



Not all Linux distributions are the same but most will have ifconfig installed. 

In a terminal window type ifconfig and return.

You'll see a list of interfaces. Your wireless interface will likely be named wlan0 or wifi0. The wireless MAC address? will be in the field labeled HWaddr.

You can also use iwconfig to find your wireless MAC address if you have it installed.

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