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(OSU_Secure) Mobile Settings

Mobile Settings

These are the general settings that a mobile device will have to have in order to connect to OSU_Secure.

  • SSID: OSU_Secure
  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise (Or 802.1x EAP)
  • EAP Method: PEAP (PEAPv0 / EAP-MSCHAPv2)
  • Key Type: AES (or automatic)
  • Phase2 Type: MSCHAPv2 (if you have a Google Pixel and can't establish a connection, try setting this to "none")
  • Domain: ONID\
  • Username: ONID Username
  • Password: ONID Password
  • Note: Under Show advanced options make sure Proxy settings is set to none, otherwise you will be unable to save.

Note: These pictures only reflect one version of Android. If you cannot set up your phone on the network, please call us at: 541-737-8787

In general, please find OSU_Secure in your Wi-Fi settings. Once you click OSU_Secure, it's going to request that you put in a username, and a password. Proceed to put your ONID username, and your ONID password in the appropriate fields. 

If it asks you to accept a network certificate after you've successfully entered your ONID username and ONID password in the appropriate login fields - please accept this certificate. Once you've fully accepted - you should have access to the wireless network.

Some Android devices ask for a certificate when trying to connect. If yours does this, please selecting "use system certificate" and entering "oregonstate.edu" as the domain.

Android Wireless Settings Screen Android, Add Network Screen

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