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Connect to eduroam (Mac OS X 10.7-10.10)


Below are the steps to connect to eduroam with OS X 10.7 (Lion) and higher. Users should attempt to connect using the automatic setup.  If these instructions fail, you can try to connect to eduroam manually.  Please follow all directions closely for proper setup.

All of the images below can be clicked on if you need a larger view.



Connect Automatically

Step 1Wireless Connection Properties Menu

Click the wireless icon in the upper-right hand corner and select eduroam from the list.

Step 2Wireless Authentication Request

A window will open asking for a username/password. Enter your ONID Username@onid.oregonstate.edu in the User Name box, and your ONID Password in the Password Box.

Click Join

You may be asked to enter your credentials again.  Enter the exact same as entered here and click OK.

Step 3Association Screen

Your computer will then attempt to connect to eduroam.

If you get a popup similar to the one on the right asking to verify a certificate, click Continue.



Connect Manually

Step 1

Select the Apple from the top left corner.  Select System Preferences

Step 2

Select Network from the menu. 


Step 3

Select Advanced.  


Step 4

Select the Add(+) button to add a network.  


Step 5

Fill out the following form to match the picture to the left. Click OK and attempt to connect to the network.    


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