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(Traveling) Blackberry Devices

Blackberry Devices

Disable Automatic Data Roaming:

To turn off automatic data roaming altogether when you are abroad:

  1. On the home screen, click the Manage Connections icon
  2. Click on Mobile Network Options
  3. Change the While Roaming field to Off
  4. If you want to disable all data except for Wi-Fi, you can change the Data Services field to Off

Track Your Minute Usage:

If you have an international plan from your provider, you will want to track how many minutes you use so you don't go over a certain limit. To track usage for your phone:

  1. Click the green Dial button on your phone, which will bring you to your call history
  2. Click the Blackberry (Menu) button, which will bring up options for this page
  3. Scroll down and click on Status
  4. This brings up the Phone Info page, which shows your last call length and total talk time. If you check total talk time before you leave, you can keep checking this page and see how much it has increased by, which will tell you how many minutes you have used.

Track Your Data Usage (using a third party app):

If you have an international data plan from your provider, you will want to know how much data you use so you don't go over a certain limit. Blackberry does not have a built-in usage monitor, but you can install third party apps which will monitor it for you. Please Note: OCH does not support third party apps. If you choose to use one of these apps, you may want to test it out prior to leaving the country. Your results may vary.

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