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(ResNet) Printers on ResNet

Setting up a printer on ResNet

USB Connection

The easiest way to use a printer in the dorms is directly connecting the printer to your computer via a USB cable. Many computers will correctly detect the printer and automatically install the proper programs when plugged in. For printers that do not automatically do this, there will generally be a CD that comes packaged with the printer that you can run.

Wired Connection

If your printer does not have a USB connection, but has an Ethernet port on the back, you can connect your printer using a wired connection. You will need an Ethernet cable (Cat-5 or higher is recommended) to connect your printer to your switch. There are two ways to setup a printer using a wired connection.

Connect and register a switch in your room. From there, connect your printer and computer to your switch via two of the numbered LAN slots on the switch. Your printer and computer will share a private network, allowing you to use your printer.

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