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(ResNet) Before You Arrive On Campus

Before You Arrive On Campus

Install Updates

Download and install all available updates for your computer. Updating Instructions

Scan Your Computer

Scanning your computer for viruses and spyware then removing any you find can drastically improve you computer's performance. It may speed it up and will help protect your computer and you from malware and other unwanted programs and files on your computer. You can learn more about and download anti-spyware software on our Security Page. You can also find information on viruses at Microsoft's Security page.

OSU uses a malware detection service called FireEye on all wired/wireless networks. If your computer has a virus/malware infection that gets caught by the FireEye service, your access to internet on campus will be disabled until your computer is cleaned.

OSU provides instructions on how to install and utilize programs like Sophos and Windows Defender/Security Essentials anti-virus softwares and updates to all students.

Getting started on Campus

Once you are on campus, in order to get your devices online, you will need to register them on the network. This is done in one of two places.

OSU Network Use Policy

OSU provides network connectivity in support of the educational mission of OSU. Using the network at OSU is a privilege. As such, it is the responsibility of each individual to use these services appropriately and in accordance with all University policies and applicable laws.

Before using the OSU Wireless Network, you should read the OSU Acceptable Use Policy.

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