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(ResNet) Configure Network DHCP

Configure Network DHCP

To work on ResNet, your computer needs to be configured to use DHCP. If you used Cable or DSL at home, your computer may be configured improperly. Follow the appropriate instructions for your operating system.

Please select your Operating System:

Select your operating system.

Step 1Network Connections

Click the Start circle at the bottom left of your screen. In the Search bar at the bottom, type "ncpa.cpl" and click on the link when it appears in the menu.


Step 2Network Connections

Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection item and click Properties

Note: If you are connecting to the wired network on the dorms instead of wireless, right-click on the Local Area Connection and hit properties instead

Step 3Connection Properties

Highlight the Internet Protocol Version 4 item in the list, and click the Properties button.

Step 4TCPIP Options

Make sure that Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically are both selected. Change them if one of both are not selected, and click OK.

Close all open settings windows, and DHCP will be set up correctly.

Step 1

Open the main system preferences window by clicking on the Apple Menu, then System Preferences.

Step 2Mac System Preferences

Click on the Network icon.

Step 3Network Settings

If you will be using wireless to connect, select the "Wi-Fi" entry in the list on the left

Note: If you are using an older version of OS X, this may be called "Airport" instead of "Wi-Fi"

If you will be connecting with an internet cable, select the "Ethernet" entry in the list on the left

Click on the Advanced button

Step 4TCP/IP Settings

Click the TCP/IP tab at the top.

Make sure "Using DHCP" is selected from the dropdown menu.

Click the OK buton, and your DHCP settings should be configured correctly

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