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Information Services provides an array of resources that help you teach, network, and connect. Here are just a few of these resources.

  • Technology Across the Curriculum's online tutorials (known as GEMS) are designed to accomplish deep learning of specific skills in little time. The over 300 GEMS cover Blackboard, PowerPoint, Video, classroom clickers, and more.
  • Classroom Technologies provides specially-equipped Enhanced Classrooms and state-of-the-art instructional technology. The unit works with faculty and students to test, evaluate and integrate new classroom applications and promotes an enriched learning environment at OSU.
  • Professional Development Courses cover an array of IS-related topics from Web Programming to administrative applications such as Banner and Data Warehouse. Professional Development Courses are also available for non-IS topics such as Benefits and Manager Training.
  • Helpdocs houses a large and growing number of technical help documents about OSU-specific technology.

To learn more about how Information Services strives to serves the OSU Community, please visit us at http://oregonstate.edu/is/.

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