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Will any 802.11n wireless network card work with the OSU wireless network?

No. There are two types of 802.11n wireless network, home  and business. Home 802.11n wireless networks tend to operate in the 2.4GHz spectrum and be slightly cheaper. They work on the presumption that the base station is far away from any other transmitters. Business 802.11n wireless networks operate in the 5GHz spectrum because this allows the installation of many base stations in close proximity.

Oregon State University has a business 802.11n wireless network. If you want to connect to it, at 802.11n speeds, you need to buy a wireless network card that is ‘dual-band’ (i.e. it can connect in both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands). Make sure you check for ‘dual band’ support when you are selecting an 802.11n wireless network card.

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