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Why doesn't sending emails to myself work? (Forwards also)

If you are sending email to yourself (username@onid.orst.edu or username@oregonstate.edu) or forwarding messages through your ONID gmail account to another Gmail, Google will discard them because it thinks they are a duplicate mail item which exists in your sent items. 

If you are sending to your username@onid.oregonstate.edu or your username@oregonstate.edu from your username@onid.oregonstate.edu or username@oregonstate.edu account this will work as Google mail knows that is your primary email address and will not treat it as a forwarded email.


1. Setting up a forward to another account

If you set up a forward to another Google mail (username@gmail.com) account and then try to test it using that Google mail account (username@gmail.com) the google account that you are forwarding to will not update your mailbox as it already shows the message being in your account under the sent items tag. 


2. Sending an email to @onid.orst.edu to your ONID Google mail account

If you try sending a message from your ONID Google mail accont to yourself (@onid.oregonstate.edu or @oregonstate.edu) address, the Google mail system will treat this as being forwarded to your Google mail account and will discard the message as it shows up in your mailbox under the sent items tag.

Googles Documentation:

Why does this problem happen?

Gmail does this intentionally. According to their help page:

Messages that you send to a mailing list, or to an email address that's automatically forwarding your mail to Gmail, will only appear in your Sent Mail.


We think this is a misguided policy (it causes a great deal of confusion), but it’s something they control, not us. It happens with any mail forwarded to Gmail, not just mail forwarded by our company.

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