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When connecting to OSU Secure, why do I get the following error message?


Radius Server: csacs2.nws.oregonstate.edu <http?://csacs2.nws.oregonstate.edu>

Root CA: Thawte Premium Server CA

The server "csacs2.nws.oregonstate.edu <http://csacs2.nws.oregonstate.edu>" presented a valid certificate issued by "Thawte Premium Server CA", but "Thawte Premium Server CA" is not configured as a valid trust anchor for this profile. Further, the server "csacs2.nws.oregonstate.edu <http://csacs2.nws.oregonstate.edu>" is not configured as a valid NPS server to connect to for this profile.

The certificate that CSACS2 passes to your computer is part of the authentication process for OSU Secure, is not being accepted by your computer because the certificate is not in the list of approved certs. In Windows XP you need to accept the certificate, in Windows Vista and 7, you need to simply click continue to accept this certificate.


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