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What does split and full tunnel mean? What is the difference?


OSU has two types of VPN? connections available.

Split Tunnel - Routes and encrypts all OSU bound requests over the VPN.

Examples include: Blackboard?, Outlook web mail, OSU web pages, etc. All other internet traffic is NOT encrypted or sent over the VPN. Examples include: Amazon, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.

Full Tunnel - Routes and encrypts ALL requests through the VPN to OSU. Examples include: OSU Blackboard, Outlook webmail, Yahoo, google, etc. Once that request leaves OSU for another destination, such as Yahoo, it is NOT encrypted over the VPN tunnel.

  • Note: WebVPN is Full Tunnel only.

We are currently assigning addresses out of the following CIDR block (IP address? range): ( through

More specifically, the following general allocations have been created


VPN Type

CIDR Block

IP Address Range

Lan-to-Lan: -

Remote Client: -


Certain VPN groups are assigned different addresses out of the CIDR block. However, all VPN clients will fall inside these ranges.  

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