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Messages written in Japanese appear corrupted in Webmail. How can I view them?

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Specifics on how to view messages written in Japanese.


Japanese messages can come in three different character set encodings: EUC-JP, Shift-JIS, and ISO-2022-JP. When you choose the Japanese language when logging into Webmail, it tells your web browser to use EUC-JP. If you are viewing Japanese messages encoded using EUC-JP, they should appear correctly in Webmail. If the message looks corrupted, it is most likely encoded in Shift-JIS or ISO-2022-JP.

To view one of these messages, open the message and click on "Message Source" in the heading above the message. A new window will open and you'll see the full headers of the message plus the message text (still looking corrupted). In the message headers you will see a header that looks like:

Content-Type: text/plain;

The character set encoding used for the message is listed in this header. Simply change the character set encoding in your web browser to match the message.


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