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Error: Reason 412

Error: Reason 412


When running on Windows Vista or Windows XP operating systems, you might encounter the error "412: The remote peer is no longer responding."

To work around this error on either Windows Vista or Windows XP, upgrade the local NAT device firmware. The ability to upgrade the NAT device firmware would reside with the IS Support group wherever you may be. Most commonly, the network would need to have IPSec, PPTP, or L2TP enabled for VPN? to work. OSU uses IPSec for VPN, so check to see if it is enabled which would help in the event of troubleshooting the problem. It doesn't hurt to ask about their VPN documentation, or to see if there is anyone there who can make the required changes to the system. 

What this means is the location in which you have an internet connection does not allow that type of connection. This will be normal in some public places such as: airports, hotels, and public buildings. Generally coffee shops allow these connections and may be a good alternative to the locations listed above.

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